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  Chen Zhiqiang
Chen Zhiqiang Resume 

     Chen Zhiqiang, 1974 was born in the birthplace of Tai Chi Chuan Wen County, Henan Province Chenjiagou, the Department of Chen Shi Taijiquan 19 cases of transmission of entropy, 
"Eight kings", and one of the national martial arts a referee, Chenjiagou Taijiquan Research Association and head coach, Huadu District, Guangzhou Chen 
Tai Chi Chuan Association's president and head coach, Huadu District Sports Council Youth Tai Chi Chuan training base coach, Guangzhou City Tai Chi Chen Zhiqiang 
Boxing Promotion Center head coach. 

     An early age the well-known tai chi practitioners, armed, wrestling hold, and internal strength, has more than two dozen tops and the National Tai Chi Chuan, sword, push hands Jin 
Standard champion. 92-year award in the world was invited to start boxing, from the scholar Yu Wan, including students at all levels of Tai Chi Chuan Competition Gold and Silver 
More than 600 gold medals. And many serve in the International and National Tai Chi Chuan Competition referee, referees long, Zongcaipanzhang. Also serves a few at home and abroad 
10 Taiji organizations, consultants, an honorary coach, honorary president of. Deeds were "Dictionary of Chinese shadow boxing", "Chen Tai Chi 
Quan Chi "," Tai Chi Chenjiagou Holy Land, "" young age "," China Central Television, "" Henan Daily "and other books, miscellaneous 
Chi, news media coverage; and published the "Chen Tai Chi Kung Fu" series of CD-ROM, but also often in the "Chinese Wushu", "Shaolin 
And tai-chi, "" Fury, "" Wu Hun "and other martial arts magazine published professional papers. 

         Training Base: Guangzhou Huadu District, sports center on the 19th Huaguoshan 
         Promotion Center: Commercial Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, No. 108 
         Outdoor Training Address: South Gate Park this morning at the Huaguoshan 
                            Night in the north side of Flora Plaza 
         Tel: 13,711,237,328
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